Rated as a "GOOD SCHOOL" by KHDA
Star Consortium
Ryan Star-Sharjah
SIS Mirdif
SIS Ummsheif
Our Vision: To develop Star members in the local and global community, who are able to lead themselves and others; through their love of independent learning and their compassion for humanity.

Our Mission:
We provide the highest quality of teaching using a rich variety of resources and technology underpinned by the National Curriculum for England. We actively encourage internationalism;  while believing deeply in the values of the ambient community and country. We encourage our pupils to develop a greater appreciation and understanding of a wide variety of cultures and traditions yet still value highly the family school atmosphere in which they will feel known, secure and recognized as individuals.

Our commitment is to provide a community of learners, young and old, where parents, teachers and children work as a team to enable all to develop their skills to the best of their abilities and reach their full potential. We see parents as senior partners in education of their children. In line with the corporate values of Star Education, SIS Al Twar intends to provide a community oriented school in the area that offers a vital service to the residents. It will be an excellent center of sustainable learning for children where they are encouraged to lead fulfilled lives by accepting challenges in all spheres in a safe and civilized environment.
Change in uniforms for FS: Boys and girls of FS 1 & 2 will wear only the blue PE tee-shirt and shorts everyday for the whole year. During Winter they will wear long trousers but the tee- shirt will still be the same.
Uniform change KS1 ( girls only). YR 1 and YR 2 girls will no longer wear the light blue striped dress. Instead they will be dressed exactly like the boys in blue school shirts and shorts. The PE uniform remains unchanged for the whole school.
Wed. 3rd Sept. 2014: Orientation Day.
FS2: 8.30 to 9.30 am
Years 1 to 9: 10am to 11am
FS1: 11.30am to 12.30 pm
It is important for all new and regular students and parents to attend at the specified times.
Thursday 4th Sept. 2014: School re-opens for FS2 till Year 9. FS 2 to go home at 11 am. Holiday for FS1.
Sunday 7th Sept.2014: FS1 starts school. We request ALL Parents to adhere to the new Settling-In Policy so we can make school a happy new experience for our littlest Starlights.
Settling-In Process for FS1 only:
Sunday 7th Sept: Child may come in anytime between 7.30am to 9am with Mum/Dad. Parents to stay on in school and be involved in their child's settling-in process. Mum/Dad and child to leave at 11am.
Mon. 8th till Thurs. 11th Sept: Child may come in anytime between 7.30 to 9am with Mum/Dad. Parents to soothe child and leave immediately but come back at 12 noon. We strongly recommend that parents pick up their child at 12 noon sharp to avoid anxiety. THERE WILL BE NO SCHOOL BUS FOR THE FIRST WEEK FOR FS1. If any parent has a genuine problem please call up school (042638999) on Monday 1st Sept and speak to our FS LEADER Ms. Hayley.
Sunday 14th Sept. onwards all FS1 children to be in school at 7.30 am and leave at 1pm.
Parents I thank you in advance for your cooperation. I look forward to meeting you all on Wed 3rd Sept on Orientation Day.